Landscape (bis)

Ok, still playing around, looking for better trees and placement algorithm:


Trees are three families of three specimen made with different parameters via the L-system script, and dupliverted at random locations with a script I still have to finish :wink:

Trees are dropped to ground with Harkyman script (Drop2Ground)

Grass is RipSting Fiber13 (5.800.000 vertices… whole scene is 6.500.000)

Land is Blender Word Forge

Butterflies are made by hand :stuck_out_tongue:

just a hint of postpro…



looks nice… good…

(sorry dont know what more to say…)

that’s a nice grass, but sio is the vertice count :slight_smile:

what kind of a computer you are running?


That’s a nice picture. Glad to see my script is getting some use.

Some things I would change:

Unless your “camera” is focused on something in the foreground, you wouldn’t get that kind of distance blurring. When using a camera, once you get past, like 20m, the focus is essentially infinity. That’s one of the things that makes this look like a miniature. A real picture of a scene like this might show some slight blurring in the extreme foreground, but other than that it would be in focus to the horizon. Depth cueing would be achieved with desaturation, which is why we need easy z-buffer export built in!

The grass - the grass - do we even want to know the vert count? Egad. I know you have a penchant for high-vert self-abuse (the Cathedral of long ago), but there’s got to be any easier way. Don’t know what it is, but there has to be, somehow. One thing that I do do with my large grassy areas, though, is to make a single color map of the terrain from overhead and paint subtle differences in the greens, with maybe some brown and yellow patches thrown in. Then I apply that material to all of the generated grass objects, and make my size/placement with an empty. Works really well.

Nice trees.

This whole landscape simulation thing is coming along great, btw!

thanx ztonzy and basse, even if I miss what ‘sio’ means :slight_smile: PC is a Athlon 2200+ with 1Gb of RAM (that helps)

It is not DoF but a uniform blurring in PostPro, maybe a bit enhanced to having scaled the picture down for a better AA… maybe I can drop PostPro entirely!

The desaturation is there, some mist, but maybe its too subtle…

What I think it is really lacking is Motion Blur on butterflies… but to do so I should animate their wings… (mmm… VK?)

hehe, true :expressionless:

Anyway thanx for script… I’ll PM you on that.


Very pretty - the buterfliys are a good addition and the grass and trees looks amazing.

Ho , i must admit this world forge is comming nicely, (A script to put in the release). If blener could have some DOF fonction integrated this would be ven better.

LOL! Im sure you could have got away with a simple grass texture for that scene! Very nice though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keith. 8)

Looking great. I love landscapes renders. One thing though: leaves in trees are too big, you need something less clean for that…

It’s a pity you didn’t use a script for the butterflies ! You could start an “automatic render” style ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the distant fog :slight_smile:

Very beautiful image. But the vertice count is horrendous. Want to have a computer like you… :slight_smile: