Landscape contours animation

Hi guys,
I am working on a project where I need to show and animate terrain contours. Unfortunately my model is too big to be able to use boolean modifier with array of planes.
The attached gif shows what I am after it has a couple of limitations.

1.I did it using boolean and freestyle render
2. I had to render free style lines separately as there were artefacts when I tried to render together with terrain mesh

I have tried creating a shader and compositing nodes (using one of the tutorials) but it is not precise and no way to control contours offset.

Is there any other way? To achieve realtime contours on a huge mesh?

Thank you

Any ideas?

Maybe there is a way to draw free style line at geometry intersection?

Hi artpen,

These are a bit older but may still help.

Sverchok has a 2D Contour node which might be useful (haven’t tried it though) but Sverchok does have a steep learning curve.

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Thank you @pxlpaul
I tried all the above. And unfortunately they too slow or not precise. Will see if Sverchok will work.
But it looks like 2D contour is a basic offset function.

I think I need Bisect. But will have to see how fast it works with huge terrain