Landscape from map

I’m completely newbee from Denmark…

I’m attempting to make a 3d-landscape based on height curves on a traditionall map.

My idea is to draw closed lines along the height curves on the map and then raise each curve to its respective height followed by skinning the complete landscape.

I have set the map as background and tried different ways to draw a line along the heigth curves on the map.

I came close with NURBS curve, but I cant skin the figures…

Question: how do I create a 3D landscape from a map with height curves?

To be able to skin your NURB curves you need to select ‘NURB Curve’ from the ‘Surface’ menu, NOT the Curve menu.

For more details, try [email protected]’s cave tutorial at:

Another option would be to shade the map various shades of gray and then use the noise button (or true displacement) to offset if you use a mesh.

Yes, definately try the noise button. start with a 100 x 100 grid, load a grayscale representation of your map as an image texture, with white as high and black as low, then with all verts selected in edit mode, hit the noise button. bingo!

A picture and set it to Disp(lacement) channel in ur MAT ; u can change amount of effect with Disp-Cursor.
U can use Terragen too… but more complex to begin

When I use the noise or true displacement option the terrain raises in steps and does not resemble the true terrain.

When I use the surface NURBS curves I cannot skin the topmost curve…

Anyway - thank you for the help.


With TEX-Clouds, use a subdivided mesh ; apply it to mesh and in EditMode get a vertexSelection and clic many time on Noise button !!! impossible with nurbsSurf or convert it with ALT+CKEY

For Disp, juste use à subdivided mesh :slight_smile:

When I use the surface NURBS curves I cannot skin the topmost curve…