Landscape Intersects with Character in Render

In my 3D view, my rigged, animated character stands on top of the landscape with minimal intersection.

When the frame is rendered, however, the ground is somehow raised, and the character is partially submerged.

I do not understand why this difference occurs between the 3D view and the actual render. Here is the modifier panel for the landscape:

It uses a subsurf and a displacement modifier. According to the settings I am using, the 3D view should match the rendered view. Why does the rendered scene show different physical results than the 3D view?

The displacement modifier displaces the polygons. You may not being seeing this in the 3dview.
Attach your blend file.

Hiding/unhiding the displacement modifier creates a visible difference in the 3D view, but does not solve the problem; hidden, it lowers the ground enough to make the character float in both the 3D view and rendered frame.

I can only attach the raw landscape. It should be noted, however, that the spot where the character is standing appears to be a “hotspot” for this behavior; I think it occurs elswhere, but not to a degree so intense.


raw landscape.blend (972 KB)

Obviously that didn’t help.

Here’s another attachment. From the Camera view in the 3D window, the circle is not intersecting with the landscape. When rendered, it is intersecting. Why the difference?


raw landscape.blend (977 KB)

In light of the generous attention this thread is not receiving, I feel it may be appropriate to end it with: “Confirmed bug #3,129,472; Status: Not likely to be fixed by Blender 2.6”