Landscape Mesh has different shape when rendered

First, I’m quite new to blender so I have been going through the tutorials in the Official Blender 2.3 Guide.

I made a landscape by following the proportional editing tool tutorial and then I just wanted to place a robot guy I had made on top of a mountain.

I appended the robot object into the landscape and placed his feet on the top of mountain. However, when I go to render, the shape of the rendered landscape is slightly different then the shape of the landscape in the editor. While the robot appears to be standing on top of the mountain in the editor, he is actually hovering a little above the ground in the rendered image.

I’m not sure which option I have to enable to have the landscape appear in the editor the same way it will be rendered? I’ve experimented with some of the options, but I have not found the correct one yet.

If neccessary I’ll post some pictures to better describe my problem when I get home after work.

Hi and welcome to elysiun.:slight_smile: Is your landscape subsurfed to a higher vaule when it is rendered than it is subsurfed in the 3-D window? Try setting the render subsurf level and the realtime subsurf level to the same number. (If you’re using subsurf, that is.) Hope this helps.


Probably subsurf, but maybe you have a texture mapped to displace

It was the texture mapped to displace. I turned that on at some point, not fully knowing what it did. Thanks for the help.

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