Landscape scene

heres a quick landscape scene by me rendered in bi with basically a sun lamp and a spot lamp, and i did some post pro in ps

c c are welcome


Nice Scenery and sun is looking real.

Nice work!
i really like the style of the tree’s.
The water needs some work though,
it doesn’t really fit in. Otherwise good job!

Cute scene! Nice work.

Thank’s guys
tobiasdn: yeah maybe the water is a bit too realistic compared to everything else but i sorta like it anyways :smiley:

For a cartoony scene like this, I wouldn’t even bother with reflection from the water.

Looks good.

ok, thank’s

the reflection of the water is perfect, leave it like it is. That is amazing water.

Agreed that the water is amazing, but it really doesn’t fit with the scene. If this were a more “serious” (less cartoony) image I would say leave it, but as it is the water needs to change.

i don’t think i will change anything but i agree with shadowbane that it’s maybe a little too realistic for the scene.