Landscape: Sunrise

This is a landscape I made just now. It took me about 30 mins (please remember I’m a n00b :slight_smile: ). It’s a sunrise somewhere in the desert. Iraq, maybe? Perhaps I should add a nuke, heh heh. Anyways, it’s all done in blender except for the ripples on the sun – I did that in the Gimp. The sun itseld is a shadowless sphere that I put layered materials on. The terrain was done with a heightmap I made in the Gimp; it also has layered materials.

Edit: oops, saved in low quality, let me fix that
Edit 2: there, should look better now

I actually quite like this.

It looks like a painting.

Are you more interested in producing artistic representations like this rather than the photorealistic?

I don’t plan on setting myself a preference. Just what ever I feel like at the time. I really didn’t plan for this to look like a painting or non-realistic… I just… did it.


The sun is really well done, especially the heat haze FX around the edge.

BUT- With your sun where it is, there would be a lot of shadows being cast towards the camera, maybe add a shadow only spotlight in the sun pointing at the camera.

A very good start though,


Thanks, sonixsculpt! I’ll do that know and upload it.

Ok, I finished it and uploaded it. I’m still not very good with lighting, but I’m very happy with the outcome… I think. If I could just get a little more rock to show. But this looks kinda eerie and… What’s the word? Mystic? I don’t know. Look for yourself. I have the before and after.


nice update, it looks more natural now. If you feel that your landscape is now too dark, parent 3 lamps to your camera, one above the cam, one on the left and one on the right, each with an enery level of about 0.255-0.4 (suit to taste) (After you have created the lamps, select them all then press CTRL L to link the Lamp data, then you only need to change the settings on one lamp to change all 3.)

This will enhance the lighting but not too much as to distract from the shadows of the sun.

Of course make no change if you’re quite happy with your results.


Thanks for the advise, sonix. I tried, and it didn’t change much. But I like it anyway. I think I might coughtrycough to do a movie.

Cool start,

sonix is right on shadows