Landscape /Update 20.02/2005 /

It´s another backround for my personal project, point and click adventure Melerin and as you see, there are still object needs to be textured. Nevertheless I would be glad for lighting setup and materials crits to make this one as better as possible :slight_smile:

Concept art, textures and lighting by me, modeling by Blitz.

!!!UPDATE 4!!!

Also, you can see another two pictures from this game in this thread

Previous versions:



Update 4

First of all, this is really nice work.

I think the background looks too dark (the reflections on the large sculpture are nice) and the textures for grass/floor need structure and warmer colours.

Great job so far


good work.
few coments:

  1. the skeletons are too white, they look like a biology class models, not like rotten skeletons.
  2. lighting is a bit problematic and too simple. The reason it’s problematic is because the shadows are too hard, they don’t look like shadows of sun light, it makes the whole picture look like a small model. Try using GI, or faking it, and while you’re at it add some more colors.
    3)the textures are very good but again too hard and clash one each other.


pretty nice already. I think the floor is looking a bit flat, maybe change your bump-map or try to use true-displacement (if you can affort it)

Looking forward for the next version

Hey man, wonderful scene. The thing that sticks out to me: The big rock in the foreground has a really dinstinct shadow, very hard as @ner mentioned…but almost nothing else on that outcropping has a really visible shadow…if I look real hard, I can make some faint ones out, but they arent very pronounced. Next to the sharp shadow of the big rock, everything else looks really weird without a shadow.

Love the feel of the pic, great colors. Keep this going, Id love to see the game of this.

very nice work on this…very nice

this scene seems to be very old, so i thiink that you need to make the tree in the back a little more rough…and i really like the inclining path

yep… I just put the crits here, as it is wip…
as stated before… textures on skeletons, cages, and trees need work.
lighting looks quite flat.
the rock formation and river on the back doesn’t look like it belongs to the picture.
grass looks like lowpoly game level.


about the lightning, if the sun is as low as the shadow of the rock suggests, then it’s evening, and it should be more orange in colour. Anyway, it looks rather flat.

Very nice so far, but I agree on the texture mismatch and shadows. But isn’t the weather too nice for a horrible place like this? How about a really dramatic sky with thunder and lightning. The lighting of the scene could then be a simple hemi-light with no shadows, and some spots with negative energy to make shadows. Lighting from the inside with warm colours, like burning torches, and maybe also torches on the outside. Just an idea, maybe it doesn’t go with your concept. Good luck


Personally, I like the shadows. Hard shadows is what a bright sunny day creates. How did you create the summer-day lighting? My lighting always looks kind of dull.

It’s always nice to see your stuff, it’s so well done. I would scatter those skeleton bones in the foreground a bit though. Textures are amazing.

Thank you all with your comments, it helps me alot:) I changed picture for first update and I´ll keep it updated untill it´s finished (hopefuly soon:) ).

Two things:

1: Could you please post new images instead of replacing the original one? Replacing the orignal one nullifies the content of the first posts, and removes reference.

2: You didn’t answer my question :(. How did you create the lighting for a sunny day like that?

1: I have replaced original picture, because this way people have to download 200kb picture instead od 400.

2.There were nothing special in that lighting setup. I faked GI with low energy lamps duplicated on half icosphere mesh´s vertices and then add one Sun light with raytraced shadows on:)

I took break from my regular work and spent few hours on this picture again:)

This time I redone rocks and woods. Next step is ground and grass which make me sick and angry whenever I try to find out, how to make efective (eg. not too much polys) yet good looking grass (and not to use FiberGenerator which is great, but not suitable for distant grass IMHO) :slight_smile:

It looks great right now. I love the way you got the moss to work for you. Nice colouring, I like the grass this way, it’s nice and vivid.


After several months I got some spare time again to work on this:) Still in progress though- next step is grass and some skymap :slight_smile:

Keep us posted, this thing is very cool. :slight_smile:

Very nice like all of your other scenes, too bad the game engine can’t do this naturally :wink:

Even if could, 3D engine isn´t the best choice for clasicall point and click adventure-2D suits my purposes better :slight_smile: