Landscape WIP

These are a few test renders of a landscape for a larger scene in works.

I’m still working on getting the lighting & sense of scale right… Will hopefully help once I start adding other elements. Still not happy with my snow material, it’s a mixture of; Noise & Stucci procedural textures for Nor, Ref, Spec & Emit… if anyone’s keeping score 8)

Comments welcome

My 1st post… be gentle :-?

Can’t get to folder. :frowning: Open access to everyone in the folder optios setting at Yahoo.


Who needs all this privacy? :wink:

Should work now…


like mood & colors.

To get the idea of scale mothing is better than a few trees (maybe)


wow. that looks great! I like the colors. not very realistic hehehe. I like the halo around the sun, is it just a spot?

very bright…can’t see much other than the sun and its halo.

Have you looked into Terragen? Also, the T_Terrain texture plugins are very useful for generateing landscapes. I forgot the web adress to find them.

The scale seems to be off. Everthing seems too small, like you just pushed snow into heaps with your hands and used a bright flashlight as the sun and took the picture.

I LIKE IT! I dont know why everyone’s so negative. this is the best snow landscape I’ve seen so far. Reminds me a lot of Ice Age (not that I’ve seen it :D)

love the colors too. very moody. keep it up


Thanks for all the comments. :smiley:

I should have used terragen from the start, but I was half going from a tutorial on proportional editing from The Official Blender 2.0 guide

I’m definitely going to look into those plug-ins, haven’t used any so far though. Would RipSting be good for the trees you think? What do you think of the sky?

Yes the sun is just a Spot with a Halo tracked with the Camera and a hemi lined up with the Spot to add more highlights on the terrain.

Goofster: glad you got the sense of the cold climate… it was looking dangerously like plastic/sand in earlier versions :slight_smile:

I’ll keep this updated as I work on it over time.

P.S. I’ve added some of my older stuff to my briefcase in the Ancient Ones folder just for ish & giggles :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly 2D Gimp stuffs, but there’s a few Blender & Bryce ones as well

Have a good weekend everyone :wink:

For trees there is L-system script in BlenderDungeon