Made this landscape as a memory for my cat that sadly died earlier this week.
I got the composition from a painting and tweaked it to more my liking and added some personal stuff.
I made a cat cloud for in the sky and a grave for in memory of my cat.

I’m trying to record timelapses of my work because I find it pretty motivating and fun to watch it at the end.


Hi Kilian,

I am very sorry about your loss. I know our little furry friends make their way into one’s heart and it’s always painful and sad to see them go. I like your landscape and I do see your emotions pouring out and having a kitty cloud is a nice touch. I’m surprised the cloud isn’t chasing a fuzzy mouse cloud. Keep on blending and stay safe.


thank you, I really appreciate that! :slight_smile: the idea of the mouse sounds very great! I like it.

niceee good luck man