This is an old pic I did with v. 2.8 that I’ve recently taken into 3.4 to fix up and take advantage of the newer features offered in this version. Comments and crits very welcome. Thanks

Is the darkish expanse in the centre supposed to be… uhm… ground? Cause if it is, then it’s way too shiney.

Nice image

Oooh, did I just say nice image and meanwhile they say all my images are nothing but CRAP

Yes you did just say nice image - You should know, you wrote it. nobody said your images were crap so stop acting moronic and hijacking other peoples threads.


Nice overall, but the sky seems a tad overbearing to me.

A little overdramatic, no? Fishing for sympathy?

Anywho, I hate to regurgitate, but it is a nice image.

cool, i agree that the ground has a bit too much spec, but really nice other than that.

I like it
maybe the horizon should be more paralel to the sky and ground, or the camera is rotated

Old image made with v2.8? Darn, I’ve only got 2.4. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I love it.

Ground specs a bit high and could use some more nor near the camera.

And with the big space in the picture, are you going to build a city there or something? That would look cool.

At the moment it looks a big bare. Reminds me of a vid I saw when I was a kid, when the dinosaurs were trekking across the dessert and they were dying from the heat. :smiley: Now, that would look cool …

BTW, with the grass, did you use Fiber203 generator? It looks awesome. :wink:

And I’ve only got 2.34 :wink:

Cool image, specially the lighting, but the ground suddenly stops. That I would improve. And the ground looks a bit strange… Like water :smiley:

But it has a really nice feel! Good work!

Yes I like the style but I have to agree that the ground is too shiney… if you can make it less and dirty it would actuallly be a great pic I think …

Do you have the plane wich makes out the water stretched all over the view ? I guess you played with transparancy to get the water… tweaking it can be a pain… I know that from my own ‘beach - scene’s’…

Nice image

Oooh, did I just say nice image and meanwhile they say all my images are nothing but CRAP

That’s because you almost don’t take any advice from anyone… there’s lot’s of ppl who gave you great advice (I can’t remember giving anyone as good advice as I gave you…) … But I guess you don’t read the good replies … b.t.w. when are you going to post a question in blender general ?


Nice pic, not great, but nice. It does have some very nice things I like.

What jumped on me th ost is the grass. It’s just fantastic, pretty realistic looking IMO. Same thing with the ground surface on the front.

But overall, the pic is just too purple for my taste.

Get the latest version 3.4 is out and the 3.5 pre release 1 has been released :smiley:

thnaks for all the replies!

FrostByte - yes it is ground. I will play with the spec a bit more, but i wasn’t going for a total realism look, but more of a shiny/glittery-fantasy land look. Guess it didn’t work.

Kansas_15 - thanks. To make a note, I’ve looked at alot of the images you’ve psoted and not once have i seen the words stating that they were crap. I have seen many helpful suggestions to improve your work, but that’s exactly what tehy were meant to be - helpful suggestions.

[email protected] - Could you explain please what you mean by the sky? I don’t quite understand what you meant by overbearing. thanks.

Jeeves - thanks very much

Modron - Yeah, like i said to frostbyte, I’ll play with the spec a bit, but i intended for it to be a bit “shiney” too. thanks!

Avier - I don’t understand what you mean by that. could you clarify please? thanks.

redbyte - thanks! Yes, I"ll work on the spec a bit, but as I’ve said I intended a bit of a “shiney” look. I didn’t really intend anything to fill in that space, but I might fill it with something. Never know. I made the grass by alpha maping a grass texture to a plane and dupliverting it to a mesh. thanks:)

4Daniel - thanks, but the ground stops like that(I assume you mean the foreground?) because it’s a pretty steep cliff edge. I guess I could fix that up a little. Thanks alot!

md01 - thanks very much. Yes, the plane for the water(actually two planes on top of eachother, the top one partly transparent) stretch the entire distance underneath the ground as well. I’m still not completely satisfied with it but it’s as close as I was getting.

Hippie - thanks:) those are my favorite parts of the image as well. I geuss I did overdo the purple a tad %|

thanks everyone!

Old image made with v2.8? Darn, I’ve only got 2.4. icon_razz.gif

Damn! I wish I was living in the future too %| That must be so kewl :wink:

:o i…i…i like it! i like it a lot!!

Nice work Arowe, I like your clouds/sky and the reflections in the water.

I reckon the trees in the distance should be a bit darker, at first glance I thought they were just undulations in the ground.

Overall, nice render though.

Awesome work! :o Could you please explain more detalied how you introduced the grass and the water?
Thanks, :smiley:

4go10soul - thanks very much!:slight_smile:

Radishimo - thanks! About the trees, yeah I suppose you’re right there. For now, the image is done for me, but if i ever decide to revamp it(again) I’ll certainly take yours(and everyone else’s) suggestions in mind.

criss - Thanks!:slight_smile: Sure thing:

Grass - I started by duplicating the ground mesh that the grass is “growing” from and offsetting it slightly underneath the ground. Then I made a simple plain and alpha-mapped a simple grass texture to it. I parented the grass plain to the offset ground mesh and with the ground mesh selected, I clicked the “duplivert” button under the object menu, and that’s pretty much it.

Water - I created a plain that spanned the entire ground mesh(it’s under the ground for most of it, only showing up where I “dug” a river channel thorugh it) and mapped essentially the same material to it as i have on the ground, only without the bump/displacement/ramp shading, then I set it to reflective(I played with the various settings there to get what i thought was a good effect). Then I duplicated that plain and set it slightly higher than the first one and set the material for that to be semi-transparent. That’s basically it.

Hope that helps.

Get the latest version 3.4 is out and the 3.5 pre release 1 has been released :D[/quote]
3.5?! :o And it seems like only yesterday they got out Pre release 1 for 2.35… :wink: Time really does fly… :smiley:
But seriously…

Arowe: That is a very nice image! It looks like the kind of image that would be in a cutscene for FFX, with the grass bending softly with the breeze… :slight_smile:

I like it! I think the water needs to be a little more ripply and a little less reflective… right now it looks kind of like a river of mercury. Unless that’s what it’s supposed to be :wink: