a lot to do…

Nice start, like the old stone look

Looks interesting.

The individual bricks sticking out of the walls are not typical of mediaeval structures (you’re more likely to see holes). They’re great only for suggesting greater detail (as you would in a drawing). If you plan to texture this with stones I’d get rid of them or rearrange them into some order (for architectural good looks).

Needs more grass.

Needs something in the background under the arches (hills or more town or something).

Is that a double pane in the window of the foreground house?

Looks like a good start.

Oh yeah… were you asking about your sig? Use “which” or “that”, not “whom”.
I he she you thou who (do not receive action. I am.)
me him her you thee whom (action directed towards x. Give it to me. To whom?)

Post updates!

sweet! how was the grass done? also, that hill looks too steep to be real. it doesnt look like it would work.