Inspired by a photograph I found on my harddrive. Don’t know the author, must have been found on the net.
I did start this one as a detailed painting as you can see in the center, those trees have much more detail than the rest, but I got kind of bored of that, and went with this simple method. Personaly I like them both, so I’m not sorry I did that :slight_smile:

bravo! nice style!
What program did you use?

a pretty cool piece of software, called artrage. It’s free, and it simulates painting quite well. That means that when you paint with for example oil paints, the paint vanishes from the brush as you stroke, but the brush also picks up the paint from the canvas in the process, so your next stroke will be with a mixed color that develops from the paints tha brush passes through, unless you clear it, so you can start with a fresh clean brush.
There is palette knife with which you can pick paint up from the canvass, and bring it on elsewhere, or you can simply smear it, as long as there is paint left on there. There are chalks, crayons, pencil and felt pen, they also behave quite realisticaly.
Also, you can chose what you want to paint on, there is fine and rough paper, and fine and coarse canvas.
I like it a lot, but I won’t use it until I can save enough money to get a wacom tablet, as this thing I have is killing my hand.

thanx for the info Erufailon,i will definitely try that piece of software!