Landscape :)

My simple landscape scene ;]
little modification in gimp

enjoy :slight_smile:


Ooo, looks interesting.

Some questions though,

How much post-process were done in GIMP? Some of the effects would be marvelous if you made through Blender.

What’s with the black box on the left of the picture?

I used gimp to change colours, contrast and to smooth edges for better effect
: ]
What black box ?:expressionless:

Ah, it was mostly the smooth edges (and just smooth overall feeling) I meant.

And as for the black box:

At least that’s how it’s showed for me …

heh, it’s look-out with the cave :D, those black fields on the right and left are a cave walls but rays don’t hit there almost so there is very dark :slight_smile:

Yeh well, while complete darkness is natural inside a cave it should be a blending thing. That box, sort of ruins the otherwise great picture ^^

thx :D, a new, upgraded scene COMMING SOON ;]

MrMuscly, I’ve just saw that You was talking about :DD I don’t see it becouse of my monitor probably, otherwise i attach the corrected picture :slight_smile: sorry ehh :-]


Mega good work. “+2” :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, you gotta have one helluva dark monitor :open_mouth:
Nice picture this second one!

pizdec, what do you mean saying “+2” ?:||||||| ???

the water is very well done… as is the sky… the only thing that needs a bit more attention is the rocks… they look like plastic… or chocolate… try doing “nor” on them if u know what i mean…