Hi everybody :slight_smile:

This is the final image of a simple landscape made only with modeling and procedural textures (including the sky). Rendering with blender internal render.



Really nice work. The hills look a bit like the texture lines up to well.

It would be cool to see this redone with some real textures as well.

But great work :smiley:

cool, i liek the way rock looks personly, gives a nice layered sedimentery effect, like some types of rock are, maybe a tad to bright tohugh (the rock) other than that, i tihnk it looks pretty good, what technique did u use for making the terrain?

:o That’s one of the best landscapes I’ve seen around here…

was that mountain made in terragen?

Thank for the comment ! :smiley:

For the mountain, i simply used 2 cloud texture with some color band and the noise mesh tool on grid.

The rest (sedimentary effect) is just cloud texture on global cube but not mapped on X,Y,Z but on Y,Z,Z.