This is my first time doing landscape rendering using Blender. By the way anyone know how to smoothen the edge of the water? It looks too sharp for me but I don’t know how to smoothen it. Thanks in advance.:cool:

Improved version

I think the edge is sharp because it’s not transparent, it looks like it goes from sand to 20 feet deep water, make sure the send extends under the water and that the water has some alpha. Awesome though.

You don’t need to smooth the water, but the landscape edge. Try filling it in with rocks, or plants popping up out of the water, break up that line. The water could use some fresnel falloff, that will make it look less “deep” near the beach.

I think you have a really nice start here. I really like the composition, though I think that there should be a little more variance in color for the trees. The yellow doesn’t seem to fit because everything else is so green. I’m not seeing how the water is sharp, but can you show us a picture of the water close up, perhaps? You can use the “set smooth” feature to help. (Are you using the fluid simulation?) Another thing I noticed is that, maybe, perhaps, you could use a little more relfection in the water.

I realize that you might not be able to add a lot of detail to the trees, but they look a bit clumpy to me. It also seems a bit too bright. Still, I really like this a lot, so don’t get me wrong. I think it’s really fantastic.

Looks pretty good so far!
The atmospheric perspective makes this image. I’d make it more blue and less purple though.
The tree’s do look too repetative in color and shape.
I aree with Atom’s comments on the water’s edge and the water. You may also want to add SSS to the water material.
Thesky and the Zennith are a little too blown out.

Nice camera snapshot of a flyby. Seems a nice place to throw on your knapsack, hiking boots and ramble.
My crits is that it’s quite over-hazy too close. You may wish to spend the horizon a bit further to include more mountain tops to give greater scale.
As with Atom I think more props are in order at the water level, things like steep rocky cliff come to mind.
Your render is really good otherwise!

you should be able to create an alpha map for the water…fading from shore(90% transparent) to deeper waters(@10-20% transparent)…I also use SSS for water.

thanks for all the feedback, i really learned a lot from you guys!
Those trees are temporary place holder (which are all distorted spheres) i will make some proper ones when I have time.

Justin: never thought of that before. thanks!