Blender 2.65.9 modeling and Cycles strand rendering
200 samples
is time, I want to make a child walking down the road. may be a balloon or ball in the hands of perhaps
reviews and criticism

Looks really good! I’m not sure about the sky, but that’s just a matter of opinion.

landscape looks awesome!

I’m sorry for my english.
Thank you for your comments
I love the colors in this picture I chose for the sky gone. different images may be

I like it. Are the trees’ needles also strands or are they meshes? The colors of those flowers are a bit distracting now, considering the background colours, but that might change once you add the child.

Nice Image!
A few propasals for improving the scene:
The landscape seems to be somewhat cut off after a few metres, so that its like a very steep hill there (Where usually there wouldn’t be a path leading straight down the hill :D)
You should probably add a continuation of the path (that fades out with a haze effect) to have something more than just the sky in the background.
I would suggest a seperate object for the background landscape, you will then get away with a few less children particles for the grass.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments
suggestions to take into account

Nice image. Regarding the continuation of the path, I have been on trails that look like this, but they usually bring me to the ocean, which would then be sitting out in the distance with the sky above that.

You could definitely use a different background image. When I first saw this, I was like where are the mountains in the background. Just figure out where you want this scene to be.

Lighting: Depending on the background/back drop, you will want to change the lighting to match that. Consider the 3-point lighting method, which will go a long ways in making the scene that much better.