Made with blender 3d :cool:


O.k. here goes.
Modeling. Judging by the texture, You are going for a rocky surface, But Your model is waaay to smooth for that. Atm it looks like just a plane with a height map slapped on. Are You using a bump map? This might help a lot. Sculpting in some raggedness would also do a lot of good.

Scale. Right now, this picture conveys no feeling of distance. The landscape just pops out of the background. Adding some haze could help here.

Textures. The material needs more variety. The repeating textures are really putting me off. And I have no idea what the green stuff is supposed to be. If it’s meant to be grass, I think it should be darker.

Sky. Right now the sky is basically a single color. Now, this will work if Your aim is to create fog, snow, rain or any other heavily clouded weather. If not, I suggest using a texture there as well.

Lighting. There doesn’t seem to be much going on in this regard. I think I can spot some shadows on the mountains, but that’s about it. Look at some reference of landscapes with the weather You’re going for, and try to emulate that.

I hope I’m not being too harsh, but imho this picture still needs a lot of love.

Thanks for your Reply :smiley:

I took off the subsurf and added sky. I have 0.01 bumb map :slight_smile: