Landscapes with heightmaps problem

I am following the Noob to Pro wiki
I seem to have some difficulty. When I get to the stage in this where it says hit the noise button, the noise seems to be in line with the texture, but repeated many times.
If I render the image (before hitting noise so the grid is flat) and leave col selected so I can see the texture, it’s not repeated but stretched over the grid correctly.
Am I missing something?
EDIT: some screenies to help explain:

I didn’t see anything in the tutorial that would explain it. see if you can repeat it with a new file.

I’m not really sure, but I guess you scaled your mesh by 5 and the height map is therefore repeated five times in each direction. Maybe you can fix it by changing the MaxX and MaxY parameters (should be 1.0 by default) in the texture panel to 0.2.

Hope it helped
/ Mats

It was a strange problem the issue seems to be solved now, I just started again.

The only way I could replicate it was to try and make the grid while in side view not top. Maybe it was the rotation of the texture that was wrong. Who knows.

Thanks anyhow :slight_smile: