Landscapes with waterfalls Blender, Vue and LightWave

Looking to create a landscape (Vue Infinite or xStream) with waterfalls, mist flames and smoke with (Blender). And structural 3D with (LightWave). Two questions…

1.) Which program would you use as the primary render? Blender and Vue imported into LW and if so any problems you may see? I do not know how stable Vue xStream would be in LightWave. The standalone version may be better.

2.) Does blender recognize Cuda technology. I am looking to start with an Nvidia k4000 in a z820 but I am looking to possibly include a Tesla k20 towards the end. Would the Tesla give me a big boost with Blender fluid effect processes?

Your insight is greatly appropriated.

I doubt Vue is not stable since its THE landscape generator in the market.

Any program could do here. Landscapes are like any scene in 3d. The reason why Vue is better at this is because it was made to work with this kind of theme. But the truth is that there is nothing stoping any 3d app to be used to create landscapes. As a matter of fact its hard to find movies that dont have some form of landscapes inside them and not all of them use Vue.

Blender uses Cuda in Cycles render engine so yes it will take advantage of your GPU. Most blender users use Cycles

I advice people to do thing the hard way, because it takes more time but you learn more. And is extremely important to build a versatile skill set. Its not really that complex to create landscapes. I have seen tons of people doing it with easy in Zbrush.

Blender has similar sculpting tools to Zbrush which excel at molding landscapes, but also has tree generators, rock generators , plant generators, city generator, sky generators and the list goes on and on and on. Do not, I repeat, do not , underestimate how powerful Blender is. You can do everything with it.

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I don’t know how it is nowadays, but we tried Vue about 3-4 years ago and found it to be an unstable, convoluted pile-of-crap software. We ended up getting much better and much more easy-to-deal-with results just by doing it all in maya. And in the case of blender, it’s even easier to get good landscape imagery using blender’s particle instancing, among other tools.