Hi all!
I’d like to make a landscape…so I start by modelling a plane. One plane should end up as a part of a whole landscape.
Question is : how do I make a landscape that is made up of equal-sized portions (planes) that fit seamlessly on the edges.
I have some ideas, but I bet the more experienced may have better ideas.

Thanks for nudging me in the better direction

Use split by selection tool
How to use:
subdivide your plane, not using the subsurf, but either by loopcuts or the button in the tool shelft (it’s the popout shelf to your left of the 3D view, open by pressing “t”)
select the piece you want to take out, and press “p”-> “By Selection”…This will make it a new object, seamlessly fitting in with the other object

You will have to name it something new, as the new piece will take the old one’s name but with a “.001”, “.002”, ".003’ and so on

Sweet :slight_smile:
So, I have several opjects that can be manipulated separately and - saved/exported as COLLADA file…just the golden tip I needed :slight_smile:
Thanks a zillion!