The Landwasserschlepper was an amphibious tractor built by the Germans in the 1940’s. Its purpose was to pull stuff across seas and rivers as well as on land. Indeed a very interesting vehicle design :slight_smile:
As cool as 1940’s design is by itself, I wanted a little comical look to it. The boat hull is way shorter than the original and I wanted some exaggerated tank tracks for no reason at all. Those changes made the scale of things look wrong, the vehicle is actually smaller than it looks.

Rendering: LuxRender
Texturing: Substance Painter
Post work in Gimp

The model and the materials, they are made very well, only flaw is the render, that not enhances your work. With Luxrender I struggled, but with Blender I get excellent results , having an absolute control over materials.

It’s a cute vehicle, and the texturing seems very realistic (rust distribution etc.), but I find the materials a bit dull, like they lack bump and reflections. It could be the light setup though.

Thanks for the feedback, guys