(AN][ARES) #1

i made this video as an intro for a LAN in germany. perhaps semeone with a large bandwidth is interesstend to watch it.

the size is 77 MB. not that small i know but a resolution of 640x480 with sound needs some space.

the main idea for the intro (for those who have a look) was the brain-spider which is included in the logo of the LAN.

the intro itself is about 74 sec long and consists of 2 parts:

1.the tube-flying scene
2.the exit of the virtual world and moving in the “real” world

the first scene took 30 min to render and the second about 90 min

the intro will be improved and continued the next few month :slight_smile:

(meb1617) #2

hey winzip was sayn that it isn’t a zip file or it is damaged.

(Zweistein) #3

Why don t you make it to a divx?? than it s perhaps 7 MB big…

(schock) #4

yeesh!! No kidding, haven’t you heard of divx. Doesn’t take long to encode and saves us the headache of a 77 meg file.

(AN][ARES) #5

yes i know

as i made the video i didnt know a lot of divx yet and up to now i hade no time to convert it.

btw a lot of people already downloaded it… sometimes even twice, cause they also had zip file trouble.

well i’ll do my best to convert it in the next few days to inhibit some 77MB headaches