Lanscape Tutorials

Is there any good landscape tutorilas ou there. I am trying to change the layout of our disc golf course by using blender. There is going to to be 2 roads a river that will be in there. Also alot of trees is there a way we can just import these or would I have to create every one?

Your going to have to ask yourself a few questions before you can move forward:

  1. Do you want the trees in your model to look like the real life trees? Or just approximate their size and position?
  2. How realistic do you want your finished model to look?
  3. How much time are you ready to spend on this?

Then you can choose from a few of the options at your disposal. If you really want it to look just like your course, you’re obviously going to have to build all the models yourself; and its probably going to take a while, especially if you are new to organic modeling. If you are looking to just import models, there are a few blender repositories that might have something, but I doubt it:

What could work better for you, if you don’t need photorealism or anything, would be to take advantage of the Sketchup 3D warehouse; which has lots and lots of trees to chose from.

Of course, the down side of this is that you cannot natively import from Sketchup to blender. So, you can commit heresy and develop your model in Sketchup; or you can follow this tutorial on importing a model from Sketchup into Blender by taking advantage of the KMZ export function.

Its not as hard as it might look.

Hope this helps,

-K delta