Lantern timer help!!!

Hello, I’m designing an adventure puzzle game and your only equient is a lantern. I would like to do it so the lantern runs out of juice and you have to collect more. Does anyone know how I could pull this off?

Here’s some logic you could do:
In the lantern create a integer property of 100 units, or howmuch you want the player to start with. (property name: JuiceTotal)
Collision (Juice.obj) -> and -> Message: To: Lantern Subject: FoundJuice
Delay (3600 ticks -> every 1 minute it will do the following) -> and -> Property: Add: JuiceTotal: -1
Message: FoundJuice -> and -> Property: Add: JuiceTotal: 1

This should add juice if you run into the Juice object, and decrease the juice total by 1 every 1 minute.
If you want to make your lantern go out however, you would have to make another logic setting something like this (lantern):
Property: JuiceTotal Equal 0 -> and -> … (change your working lantern to a not working lantern, not sure how to do this since i don’t have your blend file).

I hope I helped you, else, leave me a message.


Thankyou sooo much!