lantern with candle

I have not textured the lantern or candle – please comment on the modeling.

Looks great, I can’t see any problems. Should look excellent once textured. And nice flame you’ve got there!

Nice modeling, and nice candle, only crit is that the flame doesn’t seam to be on the wick correctly.

looks excelent! nice work

Model looks good. Flame looks nice.

The only thing missing for realism is the effect of the flame on the surroundings. There should be a nice warm glow and the flame should act as a yellow/orange light and light up the inside of the lamp.

That’s a very nice model. I especially like the tiered curves on the cover/lid piece. If I must suggest a possible improvement, it would be to bring some of the same sculptural style seen in the top of the lantern to the supporting base. The purely geometrical cylindrical base does stand out a little.

However, this is more of a personal choice than a technical or aesthetic shortcoming. Good work.