Lao Fou - short animation - up page4 !

Hello everyone!

My brother and I want to start a short animation … :eyebrowlift2:

We are at the very beginning, and we are looking for the moment the designs of the 2 characters …

To summarize, it will be a Taoist tale, recounted in 3 minutes, with a master and his disciple.

So, already, we don’t know if the master must have his face hidden by a hat or not. What do you think?

Thank you !

i think that hidden gives personality. Also i would make visible his eyes depending on situations (like if he’s surprised, and so on).

Thanks meshoyez for your answer !

Great idea for the eyes ! We will can play depending on situations… And what do you think about the disciple ?

LOL i like it. I would make visible maybe his hands too.

Hello meschoyez and thanks for answer ! With the hands ans may be the face, it’s better…

I think it lacks a funny element, we continue our searchs ! Thanks again for critics and ideas :slight_smile:

Hello ! We continue our searchs !

Critics and ideas welcome ! :slight_smile:

I like the moustache! And the disciple, i would make it like the first but with the arms. I think. Cheers!

Thanks a lot meschoyez for following this thread ! Your advice helps us good :slight_smile:

New image :

Yes, the moustache gives personnality ! It lacks something for the disciple… We continue searching :slight_smile:

Some ideas ?

We continue our searchs ! Critics and ideas welcome :slight_smile:


I think the name is actually Lao Zhu or Lao su translate from chinese?

Nope. I think that Fou (crazy in french) goes for chinese “fu” or “Zhu” i guess. isn’t it dono?
i made some sketches, i’ll post it tomorrow!

Thanks jumpy-monkey and meschoyez for answer !

Yes, you are totaly right meschoyez ! Jumpy-monkey, the name comes from Lao Zhu, the “father” of taoism, but we transform it in Lao Fou, “fou” means “crazy” in french :wink:

here it isssss… some more to keep the research :wink:

Waouh !! Thank you very much meschoyez :slight_smile: You are a good cartoonist ! I like style ! The master at the left is very good ! It’s a fine way :slight_smile:

Here some researchs about the hat in 3d in Blender:

And again, the link with the drawings:

Thanks again meschoyez !

I like chapeau #1 and Meschoyez Lao Fou. I don’t think the disciple should have a moustache.

np dono,
Hats 3 and 7 looks brilliant to me…:wink:
i agree with Rodicul. right. The disciple has to be younger, and the moustache makes him look a bit old.
The Young Disciple :eyebrowlift:

Hey, thanks a lot rogper ! I Your drawing of the disciple is simple and very poetic, i like it :slight_smile: Thanks also for the dedicasse !

Blendman, on the blenderclan forum, designed this amazing characters:
it’s very cool :slight_smile: Thanks to him !

My brother and i are working on the script and dialogues, it will help us to find what style the characters need… :slight_smile:

Hello all !

We continue searching the style of the animation !


Hello !

We come back with the first character named “PingTong”, designed by blendman :wink:

Critics welcome ! :slight_smile: