Made in blender 2.69.1

great anatomy, everthing looks in place, great work!

great topic to study :slight_smile: well done, one point though, his right (lifted) arm looks weak and too short. other than that wonderful :slight_smile:

Good study indeed. I like the upper torso area but not the lower part. In that time, it was cool to have a bit of belly. You should add that. :wink:
There are also some slight pose changes you may consider like the beard should have some sense of gravity. I also agree with doris about the left arm.
Overall, it`s a great sculpt though. Looking forward for the rest of the characters. That would make the sculpt really pop out. :slight_smile:
Good luck my friend!

Thanks for looking at my work

срамота, голый мужик.

Great work. But sculpture in reality is more dynamic and ‘slender’. Anyway, good example to study :slight_smile:

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Laocoon was ripped!

Nice sculpt. There was a photo of this statue in my high school Latin book, so I’ve got a soft spot for it.

Steve S

Thanks for looking at my work