Laplacian Smooth and Curvature Enhancing applications

Hi all.
As a result of my work in Blender GSoC 2012, I’m writing a paper and i use the test model raptor from .

Who can give me permission to use the raptor?

Camel is licensed CC-BY download from
Livingstone elephant model is provided courtesy of INRIA and ISTI by the [email protected] Shape Repository

These are some images of the results.

interesting but can you elaborate a little !


No kidding. Results of what? Use it for what? Not for something sordid I hope. He needs to contact the owner of the raptor is my guess.


Laplacian Smooth in Blender can use negative values to enhance model silhouette features, or its only in plans?

I tried to use negative values by typing them by hand in “Factor” but it look buggy.

Currently in testing, but will be released soon.

Ok, thanks for reply and very cool modifier :wink: