Laptop and joining Bezier Curves

I recently downloaded Blender v2.75 on my laptop to follow a 3D logo making tutorial I found on YouTube for school: I am on a laptop and I have emulate numpad activated as well as a Bluetooth mouse since I read up on a 3-button mouse being very helpful in this program. I’ve already gone to the 3D View (global) section if the Input Preferences and assigned my keys to their corresponding functions like they would be on a desktop computer… as far as I know. When I work in 3D I make sure that I’m in Top Orthographic view so that I can see my picture and move around like the guy in the tutorial does. The problem I have currently is with the curves. Bezier curves create the outline of the logo I have and the tutorial guy highlighted two endpoints, pressed F, and was able to create one solid outline. I’ve checked my input preferences over 30 times and the F key isn’t assigned to anything, therefore, I can’t close my outline. I have to learn how to do that before this Wednesday since I’m a shirt designer for my school. I downloaded this same version of Blender to another laptop and hooked up a traditional keyboard w/ number pad and 3-button mouse and attempted to close two endpoints with the F key since it’s not a circular form and still, nothing happens. Is it just this version of Blender that’s acting funky or is it my inputs? I didn’t change much from the factory settings. Can anyone assist with a tip or maybe a screenshot of what the 3D inputs are supposed to look like? I’m really lost and would really appreciate assistance.

Thank you for your time,


To open/close a curve you use Alt+C (Toggle Cyclic, also available from the Curve menu)

You can use F when you are using curves with the spline type set to bezier but not when set to poly