Laptop animation

Hi. I’ve posted this already, but in the wrong forum i see…

Here’s an animation I did with my laptop model. It’s kinda bad quality because of youtube, so you can’t really see all the details (the keys and other things are pressed/moved) very well. Anyway, hope you like it :slight_smile:

Ha Ha it rendered itself

very impressive and interesting.

the concept of the laptop rendering itself is amusing :slight_smile:

Very smooth animation too.

That’s cool I like ii rendering itself. Did you record your monitor for the laptops monitor?

Thanks all :).

  • Yes, I did… With the program called Hyper Cam. The only problem is, the program can’t record before Windows has started, and it can’t record the shutting down-sequence. You can’t record it with a video camera very well, so I installed Windows XP on a virtuel computer (with the program Microsoft Virtuel PC). Then I could film everything, from the booting to the screen after the PC was turned off.

If you havn’t got a clue on what a ‘virtuel pc’ is, then read this:
A virtuel pc is a complete pc with it own hard disk, processer, RAM, graphic card etc. The only different is, that it runs within a program, which runs on your normal PC. It’s a computer inside your computer… The harddisk of the virtuel computer is “in reality” 1 big file, the RAM and other hardware is virtuel, generated by some harddisk space and processer power on your “real” computer. :slight_smile:

Um… its “virtual”.

Anyways, I like it! You could probably work on the materials for the laptop a little, but really, Its pretty dang cool. Good work!

I was waiting and waiting for the BSoD, but it never came!

It’d really spice up your animation.

its pretty much cool stuff, i enjoyed watching it. Just keep it up.

Haha, yeah… That could be kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue: