laptop & ATI & Blender

Does anybody uses Blender on a laptop with an ATI graphic card ?
Is it buggy , or is it OK ?
On those days, most of the laptops uses an ATI card,
i’d like to buy one, but if I can’t use Blender on it,
this machine won’t be very usefull …

I use it on a laptop exclusivley with an ATI Radeon 7500 card. Works perfectly fine. Never had a problem with it.


Running Blender on a eurocom 888ES
ATI Radeon 9000
Woks fine !


running windows XP on a sony vaio, generic ATI radeon card. Never had a problem.

so what are the ati bugs everybody always complain about ?
I thought blender didn’t work really good with ATI ?
All is ok now ?

No, not necessarilly. I’m running Blender on a Sony Vaio Notebook with an ATI Rage Mobility chipset. I had to change the displayed color depth down to 24 bit for Blender to work (BTW found that fix here on elYsiun). No problems since…


I would be running blender on an ALTI card about now but the stupid thing won’t work on my comp %|

I had a problem with 2.34 on my laptop w/ATI RADEON IGP 320M, but 2.35 fixed it!! :smiley:

I used Blender on a laptop with a Radeon 7500 for two years, never had any problems. Now I use it with a normal PC, Radeon 9600, and no problems here either.

You can have problems with anything : too much money, fame, beauty…
I have ATIs on all my computers (Radeons 8500, 9600 AIW Pro, and 7500 on my laptop.) The laptop works great with the original drivers and not at all with the “upgrade” Windows Update offers. And there’s all the secret : find the right drivers. It is not that hard since usually you’ll find here someone who went this route before you and who will be willing to help you.


thanks every body for your advices.

I think i’ll give a new try to ATI.

Just make sure it has at least 32MB VRam. I have one with 16 and it glitches sometimes.

I use a laptop with an ati and no problem neither :slight_smile:

any linux users on these setups?


/me raises hand
I have this guy.
My case doesn’t look like the one in the picture, though. I think they might have changed that. All the specs are right, though.
Oh yeah, and I’m running Gentoo with blender 2.35 custom-compiled.
I don’t know why but the static binary blender ran terribly slow for me, but now that I’ve got my own compiled version (maybe it’s because it’s no longer statically linked?) everything works fine.
Well, except for the sound in games I play in Blender’s game engine. Those don’t work for reasons I don’t understand.