laptop config

what do you think of this config and what is the best compromise you found between cost and power.

it cost 1310.44€
Carte Wi-Fi 300Mbits Zepto Zpro BGN
Clavier pour Znote 6xx5W, FR (France), gris
15,4" WSXGA+ résolution 1680x1050 - 6625WD
Batterie 6 cellules
NVIDIA® Geforce 8600M GT 512Mo
4Go (2x2Go) DDR2 667MHz/PC5300 Original Zepto
200Go 7200trs/min disque SATA Samsung®
Lect-Graveur DVD-RW dble couche Samsung
Sans système (pilotes fournis sur cd-rom)
2,50GHz Intel® Core™2Duo T9300 800MHz 6Mo (incompatible avec XP)

I’d be happy with that! My 8400 GS runs Blender and MOI just fine. The proc, ram and graphics card would be great.

I’d just check to see if you can get an extended life battery right from the start. It costs WAY more to get one after the fact as compared to getting right away (at least, that’s what I found.)

Seems expensive to me. I dont know what brand the Notebook is, but for 1300 euro you get Dell or IBM buisiness machines with decent service, bought via a small company even a better machine. And no matter what one thinks of Dell or IBM they assemble quality Notebooks. And “discount” Notebooks with those components yo get 700+ Euro.