Laptop crashes as soon as I touch Cycles

Solved: I went from nVidea driver 361.43 to 359.06 and that seems to work. I also removed all the other nVidea apps so only the driver is left now. I hope this is helpfull for someone else :wink:

Original post:
Hi, I just bought a new Laptop with 950M GPU. At first everything worked fine but after a windows update (about a week ago) Cycles crashed my PC when I was working in a project. I tried a lot of options but no result yet.

What I tried:

  • Reinstall Blender
  • Work with new project or other than the first one it crashed on
  • Reinstall Nvidia drivers

I thought at first it only crashed when I start to render but it also crashes when I put the compute device on “none” (user prefs -> system) and then back on “CUDA”.

I don’t know where to look because as soon as I try something I have to do a restart. All other applications work fine (Games, and other apps that use nVidia).

I’m not new to Blender, I used it on my iMac for years. Pretty new to PC’s though… :wink:
My Laptop is a Asus K501L

Thanks in advance!