Laptop for a new Blender artist

Hi all,

Need some advice on a laptop for Blender. I’m on a budget so the ones below are not the latest or greatest.

Asus G73JW
i7 840QM
GTX 460m
8gb ram think 16 max
17.3 1920 x 1200


Thinkpad W520
i7 2760QM
Quadro 1000m
4gb ram think max is 16 or 32
15.6 1600x900

Hi Azraelle, Laptops are not suitable for 3D work but if you really need a mobile PC go for the Asus G73JW.
Blender don´t profit from Quadro cards and 15.6" is tiny. :slight_smile:
A workstation in the same price range is about 2-3 times faster, for example:

Cheers, mib.