Laptop for Blender 2.8

Well since blender 2.8 is more demanding on hardware with eevee, i kinda loosing the fun of creating blender was always hobby and sometimes work.
Currently using a 8core i7 + Gforce 630M laptop.
the 630 is not suported.

I enjoyed blender since 2.7, and am wondering if i should quit this hobby or buy a new laptop, the problem with buying a new laptop is that i’m not sure what laptop will work since GPU specs seam mostly about HW plugin cards, and you cannot do that on a laptop. (not going for a desktop). So whats a good laptop for Blender these days?. what mobile gpu’s are suported

Here you go:

I would advise you to take one with a dedicated gpu to have more fun on all. Normally of cause i would advise not to take a laptop for blender.

Generally most “gaming” laptops should be fine as they’ll have discrete video hardware. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 from a year or two ago with Nvidia 1060 6GB graphics and it runs 2.80 great and Cycles GPU accelerated rendering is fast (relatively speaking) and the machine has good thermals and can render for hours without overheating issues.

Zoot - Are you still happy with the performance of your Helios 300 now that 2.80 is out of beta?
Do you use Eevee and/or animation?

Yeah, works great. The Helios 300 has advanced a couple generations since then too. With the usefulness of RTX in both gaming and 3d now, I would want something like a 2060 in any laptop at this point.

I’m looking at MSI GL75 10th Gen Core i7 RTX 2060 17.3in 144Hz Gaming Notebook (pretty expensive here in Australia at $2799AUD) or its smaller sibling MSI GL65 Core i7 RTX 2060 15.6in 144Hz Gaming Laptop ($2499AUD).