Laptop for blender and cg in general

Hey there! Soon I’m going to change my current pc (intel core 2duo E7500, 2.93 2.94 ghz, 2gb ram, nvidiagt 240 1gb i believe) into a laptop. I’m changing it to laptop because in the university it’s a’problem having pc (while constantly travelling between home city and capital I can’t work properly).

Now, I’m studying multimedia technology and design (adobe products (premiere, ps), later in the course maya etc). My hobby always been blender. So this new laptop should be able to relatively easy use these programs. I’m also not aming for something very expensive. I’m aiming for something like this:

I think it should work relatively ok for few years. I’m just wandering is there a big diference between 8gb or 6gb and i5 vs i3 (I’m talking about same samsung a bit cheaper). Any opinions would be appreciated.

Check out:

for you not-so-expensive means … ?

a laptop is usually not a good idea for cg because of limited performances and the lack of space for a good cooling system, the use of PS it’s actually not that relevant because this days even ULV cpus are able to handle that.

check the specs on the lenovo y410p models. intel i7, nvidia GEForce, 1TB storage, 8 GBs ram. $750
(edit) the previous poster is correct about the heating issues. but you can get extra cooling if you need it. if you are going to render for hours at a time, you may wish to go with liquid cooled.

Actually one of the best laptops you can probably get right now for cg use thats also priced competitively and is portable is the:

Lenovo y510p

It was such a good deal I bought two of them.
They included an:
i7 quad core processor (haswell, great for battery life and multithreading)
8 gigs of ram (stock) up to 16 gigs ( could be 32, need to check)
Nvidia GTX 750Mx2 (SLI) totalling 4 gigs of GDDR5 vram (great for cycles rendering)
1TB Hard Drive with the OS on a separate SSD
and one hell of a back lit keyboard, screen looks good too. JBL audio and massive track pad.

All for under $1000.

In fact right now the base price starts at $779

I highly recommend it.

Remember buy a numpad too. I use blender in my laptop, and emulate the numpad is really uncomfortable.

Apologies if a duplicate post shows up… I really want a 17 in. screen and can’t pay the price for something like an Origin laptop. The MSI gaming laptops look attractive, and have features like full number pad on the right side of the keyboard. Can anyone think of a reason why a gaming machine with something like an Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card wouldn’t work out? I will also be running 2D drawn animation apps along with Blender. For drawing and painting I really need the bigger screen.

thank you all for answers. It seems like I’'m going to have to stick with my current pc for a bit longer and save some extra money for a better laptop.

In case it helps in the future: I decided to get the Asus N56JR. From users of both this and the Lenovo (above), reports indicate that the Asus runs cooler. And, for a modest bump up in price, the graphics are a lot better. Going from Mac to Windows 8 has been a little rough, but I’m getting some help with instructions from a nice librarian. Some things are indeed more efficient, some are not. The tiles thing is complete rot. I’m hoping for improved app speed over Mac, and fewer issues on the GPU/open GL side.