Laptop for Blender

I am looking for a good laptop preferably under $400 that I can use blender on. I am away from home a lot and it would be good to keep blender with me so I can work on projects. I was looking at some on amazon ( I was hoping to have some advice from some experienced users so I don’t waste my money. Thank you.

I found another choice for you because I have nothing better to do. Newegg is a good store if you do not already know.

In the low price range, you are looking at CPU only for rendering, so the more virtual cores the better. I have a GT630M which is slower for rendering than my i7 CPU. I saw some benchmarks somewhere which said - you can expect about 30% improvement in render time with hyperthreading - so the Acer suggested by kazinger should be faster than the Dell you are looking at. The main things I would look for is a numeric keypad, the most cores/hyperthreading and the biggest possible monitor.

Just grab a used Surface Pro 1, they depreciated in value quite a bit since the surface pro 3 came out, which is great if you have no issues buying second hand. Means you get a 1,000 dollar device for far far less.

I would seriously suggest buying something used like SaintHaven said. Rendering is usually done with your CPU so and i3 is going to be painful. Try finding something with an i5, I am sure you can get one for $400 but consider looking at used or refurbished.