Laptop for graphic design with a lil of 3d

Hi guys, maybe you can help me.
I m seeking for a laptop computer, portable, not too much weight and that servs for general graphic design works. A lot of photoshop and illustraotr. And a lot of After Effects and a bit of blender.
Thing is i wanna go travelling so i don´t know if buying a 17 inches laptop, a 15 inches one, and i dont even kow how much weight would a 9 or 12 cells battery will add.
If someone has have the same problem as me and have fixed it, please, gimme your advices and suggestions.
Will i nee a video card for this porpouse?
Thanks a lot

Oh! and please no mac stuff; too expensive to get, too expensive to expand and too expensive to mantain. Otherwise i wouldn´t think another choice.

Honestly, it does not matter, you should learn to work with what ever you have available. Though I will say that any dedicated graphics card will massively improve your experience (cannot be upgraded in most laptops).

For traveling, smaller and lighter is preferable, less is more.

Hey hessiess, thanks for your oponion. I share it. As i m trying to get a good computer and it is an important inversion to me, i need to find something that fits my needs and expectations. I m between choosing a toshiba of 16´´ and a dell xps 15 but i can´t find some good display that isn´t glossy. Dell seems to have better specs but the display seems more glossy… please, some help in this and previuos question!
I really like your articles, i love to go travelling too.
Regards, Pablow

It is unfortunate that nobody seems to make laptops with non glossy displays any more. Glossy displays color shift and under/over saturate which you do not want for graphics work. It can be corrected somewhat using the graphics card drivers.

If you can link to the machines you were thinking about, it would be easier to offer advice. But generally prefer Nvidia for graphics and CPU speed over RAM/HDD size.

Considering that you will be traveling with it, avoid spending too much money and consider buying second hand. It is going to get banged up pretty badly :wink: