Laptop for my living room.

Laptop for my living room.

Sofa in the background is from and is made by nikitron.

Cycles Render

I think you got your proportions a bit wrong here.

Yeah, I agree with El_Mustachio on the proportions, or it might just be the camera angle. I would like to see a front view. Good work anyway. The back of the laptop looks like it has an alien head on it.

Here is the front view and a clay mesh, can you be more specific what is wrong whit the proportions ? :slight_smile:

Perfect model, you just need some good environment

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Here is a quick model of the room :slight_smile:

Let’s start from the top:
I think the Monitor Panel is too thick.
The bottom edges next to the hinges that are already going upwards shouldnt be going upwards at auch an steep angle. Also after the hinges the bottom edge extrudes horizontally before slanting upwards.

The bottom panel is also too thick I think.

If you change those things and light up the keyboard letters then you should be fine I think.

Btw check these reference images to get a better idea of what I’m talking about: