Laptop freezes and a buzzing sound plays through headphones when rendering a large scene


Whenever I render a large scene, my laptop often freezes and a buzzing sound is played through the headphones I’m wearing. Surprisingly, when I take my headphones off, the sound isn’t played through the speakers. When I put them back in the headphone jack, the buzzing sound continues. This has happened a couple of times recently and occurs in about 50% of my heavy renders.

A simple forced shutdown usually solves the problem. However, this is extremely irritating as I have to wait a long time for the computer to boot up again.

Does anybody have any solutions to this problem?

This might be a RAM issue. Back when I had only 8gb of RAM, it was pretty common for whatever music I had playing to stop when I would render. I’m not sure about the buzzing, but I do know that if you run out of RAM, your music/sound has the potential to stop working.

My Dell 17R Inspiron always used to “sing” when I was rendering, it seemed to be related to the discreet graphics card being used. It would warble away, but there never seemed to be any ill effect from that.