Laptop Function Key issues

So im trying out Blender on my laptop for the first time, and am running into one nagging issue… My function keys are all se to stuff like volume, brightness, play pause rewind ect ect…

obviously that’s an issue! for instance right now im trying to reset the center point of one of my objects, but every time i hit F9 to get into the needed window, my HP laptop ignores the input into blender and changes my computers volume instead.

Now im not sure if this is altered somehow in blender, or on the computer itself… (the forums i have scoured so far have been highly unhelpful :frowning:

If anyone can give me some insight into this issue so i can get down to business, i would love you long time!

Do you have Function (fn) key? Most laptops do I think, usually on the left by shift, control and those. Pressing that in combo with the F-keys should override their default assignment. Also, check your keyboard control panel for any function key settings. What model laptop do you have. I use Blender on a MacBook Pro and it works pretty good.

I use an HP pavilion dv7, i have the function key, but for w/e reason when i hit it, then hit f9…nothing happens :frowning:

there used to be a window in the mesh tab in 4.9 that gave the option to reset the center, but i cant seem to find that either :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have a HP laptop and had a similar issue when setting it up - alt + f key would function as fn + f key, so alt + f4 would not work for example. The fix is to go into the bios (press delete when booting up I believe). In there, there will be an option to modify the behaviour of those keys.

In 2.56 this is located in the Object/Mesh menu (depending on the mode you’re in), then go to Transform. I think there’s also another key command for it, but I don’t remember it.