Laptop getting to hot?

Hello I just have a small question

I have got samsung R780 laptop, and sometimes it gets really warm. A programme tells me the temperature of the CPU and the Motherboard. I have noticed, that the temperature gets really high, when playing games or rendering. Of course a little bit more heat is normal, but that much? The programme says the CPU is 92°C warm and the motherboard also has temperatures between 89°-92°C. Is this normal? Sometimes, the laptop even just goes out by itself.

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That sound very hot to me…how old is the laptop?

if you can fry eggs on it , no I dont think its normal. Unless you use it as a frying pan in which case it would be very normal.

You can find “laptop cooling tables” to help with this problem … although they are stopgaps.

They range from the über sophisticated for the mechanical engineers among us, to the …
:slight_smile: absurdly (you gotta click on this link…) simple. :slight_smile:

Still, there are things that a laptop computer really isn’t designed to do. Gaming might be one; rendering certainly is another. You need that mass-of-metal and you need those fans and cooling systems. Lots of rack-space for disk drives never hurt none, either.

I had to take my notebook apart and clean the heat sink, don’t do it if you don’t know how, but it can fill with lint and fuzz, so DO NOT USE A LAPTOP ON YOUR LAP!! lol

now, I used a air conditioner, pulling air through silica packets, and a coffee filter, to cram air into a tube, and then I ran the tube under my laptop… I was able to 2x overclock without overheating :slight_smile:

Laptops usually run fairly cool because it’s a fortunate side effect of energy efficiency. Overheating tends to be a dust issue. It can build up in just a few months.

Overclocking a laptop is seriously not recommended. What laptop do you have? I have never even seen any overclocking features in the BIOS of any lappy I’ve had.

you can flash bios, and overclocking is usually not a good idea, but I was rendering for 16 hrs + @ one point… so to cheat time…


I have a dell, with a i7 8 core

Your laptop is far too hot. Even under full load, the i5 processor shouldn’t exceed 70 degrees C. Laptops, despite their name, should never be operated directly on the lap as fresh air is drawn from the bottom of the case and expelled from the side or back. Always operate on a flat, solid surface so clothing, blankets, &c. do not restrict the intake; if you need to use it on your lap, invest in a chill mat. Furthermore, the heat sink may be clogged with dust and debris. For an initial cleaning, use an air compressor set to a pressure of 80-90 psi and blast the heat sink fins and fan underneath (feel free to take the opportunity to blow out the keyboard and any other openings on the side or bottom). If a compressor is not available, visit your local Best Buy and have Geek Squad dust it for you with theirs. Then, invest in some canned air and dust the laptop once a week for maintenance. If following this advice doesn’t bring your temperatures down, you may need the heat sink repasted; this is normally a job best left to a professional.

Depends on the video card manufacture and model, you would have to check their specs. My NVidia cards for example are designed to run this hot (and if my memory is correct they won’t fault until 110C or that is their spec’d limit). My desktop render box and laptop (both NVidia) under load will run 92-95 C (with additional cooling on the desktop). For my laptop I got a deck with fans for it to sit on, but only reduces it to ~89-93C under load.

If you post your specific card we can find out better for you.

Thanks for all the replys!

I have been using this laptop for about 2 years now I think. Also here is a Image, of my system. I only use the laptop on my desk, and the vents don’t get blocked or anything. I think it must be a dust thing then. I will have to let it get cleaned by someone, because I have never done that before, and I don’t want to break anything :).

Odd, they don’t have the temperature spec’d.

But I did find this that might help you:

So does seem warm for what you have. If you have a Samsung Laptop (or whoever) you may also want to query on their forum boards. I will see if I can find additional information when I get home tonight.

Hmm. When I looked up your model of laptop, the specifications I found said it came with an i5; even still, an i7 should run no higher than 70 degrees Celsius safely. The NVidia GT 330M is a mobile chipset that is designed for modest video performance and low power consumption, so under load you wouldn’t want this to run very hot either. While GPUs are rated hotter (particularly in desktops) it’s still not a good idea for them to exceed the boiling point of water - especially since, in almost every laptop design I’ve seen, the CPU and GPU share a heat sink (usually linked by a heat pipe). Cleaning the laptop with an air compressor is simple, and you don’t need to disassemble anything. Just blast it with quick puffs until no more dust is present (you’ll see the dust billow from the fan and heat sink initially). As long as the pressure is reasonable, you won’t break anything.

I have a dell, that has had the heat sink cleaned three times in 2 years,

so that makes
issue 1->Bad heat sink goo
issue 2->dusty heat sink
issue 3->GPU suddenly had a heart attack - full motherboard replacement - warped electronics,
issue 4 more dust
issue 5 -> more dust= STARTED filtering air to house !!! I live just off a state hwy, not good for me or computer…

they should have a air filter you can clean, and give you a warning telling you to do so,

As I said in other thread: I don’t understand why people spend money in toys instead real computers.
Is like buying a tablet: it serves for nothing. Just move the finger to pass photos? Email? Come on, I do email when in home, I don’t need a toy for email. And in a real computer I don’t need to move the finger to pass photos. I can put slide show.

Then there is some gsoc about porting blender to android or something. Give me a break!

Ok thanks for all the help!

I cleaned the laptop a little bit, and it seems to be a bit better now :).

Are all of your device drivers up to date?

What is your max Cpu setting in power settings? you can adjust this to prevent overheating (I had to before the filter trick)

I had a bad motherboard driver before, (from dell) that was not kicking the fan on at all,

is your bios up to date?

My laptop will easily survive at 95 C (when playing GTA 4 on Intel HD 3000 = 90 C, Blender doesn’t seem to make it heat up so much) as soon as it reaches 96 - 97 C it shuts off and turns on when it gets cooler

Oh, and you can get programs like SpeedFan to automatically adjust the fan based on the heat, it really helps for heavy tasks

Gotta agree with BPR, Your heat sink is probably filled with dust/sludge. Open her up or take her to a repair shop and tell them the heat sink is clogged or possibly a fan is out. You can also try blowing compressed air into the vent where the hot air comes out. Take a little blast for yourself too while you’re at it. Running it hot can lead to failure of a lot of different pieces of hardware.

And most chips will shut he computer down if they get too hot. So that’s actually a good thing. Get it fixed though.