Laptop GPU Rendering.


I have two laptops one with a 2Gb Nvidia GeForce 840M GPU
and the other with a 4GB AMD Radeon R7 M265

Is it possible to render from any of these Gpu’s?

But um…
Don’t expect anything amazing.

Careful you might have to contend with an overheat issue if you do that. Make sure they got good ventilation,

So how do you get them to render?
I’ve tried going to user preferences/system/compute device/
But I only see the CPU option on the AMD laptop.

But on the Nvidia laptop,it lets me choose CUDA and GPU as the compute device in the user preferences, and when I render it says
‘‘CUDA binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (5.0) not found’’
I’ve changed the compute device in the Render panel to GPU, but nothing happens.

How to make blender use the Laptop gpu to render?

What version of Blender do you use?
Make sure it’s the latest 2.75a.

I just downloaded blender 2.75a.
And the nvidia Laptop is now rendering with the gpu.
The AMD laptop is also rendering with the GPU but it says ‘‘openCL’’ in the ‘‘Compute device’’ section and my video card does not show up in the drop down menu instead Oland shows up.
So what is Oland, my GPU, or is this some Holy Word?

The GPU is rendering twice as fast than the CPU.
Its pretty amazing.

From my understanding “Oland” is AMD’s internal code name for your GPU architecture. And since AMD GPUs don’t support CUDA (a proprietary nvidia technology), it is perfectly all right that Blender uses OpenCL instead.

However, OpenCL support in Blender is still in its infancy - you might not get all the features or the speed you get with nvidia and CUDA.

Okay,Thanks for the info.