Laptop, GTX 1050 - minimum for Blender?

I’m considering buying a laptop for making Blender animations elsewhere, when my desktop PC isn’t available. While I do of course intend to render final animation on my desktop, I’m wondering what is the minimum hardware requirements (laptop) if I wish to use it for simple rendering tasks in Eevee, compositor or VSE or as part of a “render farm” for Eevee?

Is 1050 (or 1050 Ti) a minimum choice? Or can I get away with less?

I have 970 GTX cards in my desktop and I get along fine. I have a Gigabyte work station laptop with a 1060 GTX card in it and it’s only a tiny weeny bit behind the 970 GTX, but the difference is much bigger for 1050. I would spend a little more and get the 1060. You can always get an eGPU later if you find it struggles.

Well, there is no hard limit, weaker gpu would also be good enough but IMO there are no GPUs below 1050 worth considering.
1030 is too weak in comparsion to price and at all

Anyway I wouldn’t go below 1060 anyway. Remember that You cannot upgarde GPU in laptop (even if it has MXM lot, its bad idea to change gpu in laptop).

In couple of monts there will be new generation of GPUs without RT: 1660 Ti, 1660, 1650
And nVidia is pllaning to reduce price of current generation (1060), so if You dont need it now i advice you to wait at least 2 months and maybe You will buy better GPU at same price.

As @gorion103 says, the prices are about to come down due to new lines. I would keep your eyes on the prices on the Gigabyte P series and clean up when the prices drop.

I have the P55W v7

A GTX 1060 6GB is about as low as I would go with Blender 2.8, especially if you want to make large scenes.

All of the cards below have only 4GB of VRAM or less, which isn’t that much for today’s graphics standards. Though it might be worth waiting for the GTX 1660 Ti simply because it’s new and will come close to the performance of a GTX 1070.

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The 1060 6GB version is definitely a sweet spot which can render quite substantial scenes at good speed. For just doing animation and simple test renders etc. I think a 1050 would actually be quite usable though. I would spend more on the CPU and get 16 or 32 GB of main memory.

Thank you everyone, for your feedback. Seems like a 1060 should do the job, as I’m not going to render the entire scene on my laptop anyway, I’m rendering on my desktop. But for fast preview, 1060 should be doing fine?

Should be just fine. Avoid the 3GB versions of the 1060 and get the 6GB version as <4GB of GPU memory gets pretty limiting.