Laptop Help

I am looking to buy a laptop for some gaming and, of course, blender use. Would it be more important to get an i7 or a good dedicated GPU for rendering (650m?).
Also, how much ram do I need? is eight enough? I am currently running 4GB with almost 2GB taken up by the OS and processes. I use 100% of my ram when rendering at the moment.

More ram the better I’d get 8GB at least. I don’t know much about mobile GPUs but yeah, you want a good one for both Blender & games. i7 and i5 give about the same performance in games, i7 should do slightly better job at rendering. I’ve found it the best method to just google a lot different reviews, user experiences on forums etc if possible and eventually make my decision before I buy the product.

Thanks. I was mostly wondering whether the jump from i5 to i7 would give more performance than upgrading the GPU. the 650m and the 660m have the same number of cuda cores. I will definitely get 8GB of RAM then. Do you think 12 GB is necessary/will actually help me?

Well, with 8GB memory you have cleared the bottlenecks and you should be able to do all “normal” things well as far as the amount of memory goes. If you think you are going to render very large scale scenes or do large physics simulations then you might want even more… Though then one starts to wonder if a laptop is the optimal choice for such things after all :smiley: I’d say 8GB is good for a laptop, but if you find one with even more memory at reasonable prize - why not.

I just checked and it seems that mobile i5 can only be dual cores whereas mobile i7 can be dual or quad core. Between dual core i5 and i7 there is not that much difference, if you want a real performance boost you need to go for a quad core i7 :slight_smile:

I do not understand laptops if you run a i7 at 100% would it not melt down? Where do you put the Noctua?
Just joking. Do you have a third use for your laptop? My friends used to put really big motors in small cars, fun to look at but you need to be crazy to drive.

If you are looking to make a workhorse out of this computer, I would advise against a laptop.

I have a tablet laptop with an i7, 8gb of RAM, and a decent solid state drive. The tablet/stylus feature make it a lot more useful, but you are still only be able to push the hardware so far in such a minimized device.

If you were to build a tower you could get much better hardware at a more cost effective price as well as it will get you a lot further. You can expand your device, modify, etc. because of all of the extra space. The space also means less compact organization of hardware and more efficient cooling. Cooling is a big factor when it comes to computing complex things like graphics and 3d rendering. You don’t want your expensive computer to overheat and die on you because you have left if overnight rendering something complex.

If you want to build a laptop for a mobile work station and basic modeling, I would say go for it, but don’t rely on that computer for rendering.

I should have my coffee before I post in the morning. I wanted to say what B Rae said.

I agree with you, but I don’t really have that option. I am in high school and need to be able to take my computer to school, etc. I also can’t afford a good desktop in addition to a decent laptop. I want to build my own desktop PC, but it would still not be a smart choice to have two PC that I need to alternate between.

I use my laptop for heavy rendering all the time.
Its a Dell Studio 1747 with an I7 quad core. 8 gigs of RAM and as far as I know almost all laptops max out at 8 gigs of RAM.
Been performing flawlessly for about 3 years One time I did a render that took 48 hrs…

It’s funny you say that, because my current laptop is a Dell studio 1737 (I’m writing this on it). Unfortunately, I got it about three to four years ago (before I started using Blender). It has a Core 2 Duo T6500, Four GB of RAM (70% of which is used by Vista and programs), and no discrete GPU. I once rendered a 150 frame animation in Cycles for a friend–it took over 96 hours :frowning:
Works great for web browsing, essays, etc. but terribly in Blender.

Well I cant gpu render, but it does have pretty respectable render times anyway.