laptop issues

Hi I have a bit of a problem. My HP laptop running Windows XP proffesional just crashed. When I turn it on it tells me the systems been damaged or corrupted and that I need to insert the original repair disc. The only problem is I dont have the repair disc! So what the hell do I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Get a legit copy of WinXP next time.

Seriously, if they don’t give you one, complain! They are required to. Go to them and yell at them for it. If WinXP was bundled with your laptop, it’s bound to the hardware, and so the people who sold it to you are required by an agreement with MS to supply you with a backup/recovery CD. The law is on your side.

If, on the other hand, you lost the CD (or you never had a legit CD in the first place), you’re screwed. You’ll have to get rid of WinXP’s dongle and install someone else’s copy. But that’d be borderline illegal…

Actually…Some systems come with the Repair or Master CD on the hard drive and if you read the users manual it tells you, YOU MUST BURN A COPY OF THESE CD’S BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING…

Im guessing you prolly diddnt read that, HP Desktops are the same way. Alot of my customers dont realize they needed to until the computer crapped out, then they searched the Users manual and found out the hard way. HP WILL send you a cd for 14.00 bucks. I think you will need to give them the Serial number and Windows XP Activation Code. (they have the activation code in there computers to check that its a match)

This is a general problem with HP systems. I guess they save 30 cents one the cd. and make you use on of yours…

Check this post…

If the laptop was bought at a flea market or fell off a truck…you can buy a cd off ebay for like 3 bucks, or pricewatch, as long as you have the Activation code that is…

I’m not sure that’s even allowed where I live (Germany). AFAIK, they have to give you an actual CD.

If it doesnt say on the contract that they must give you a copy of it on cd then they can give you it in anway they like.

If it says in the contract. You have the right to a repair disc with your machine. Then technically HP is doing that. Its on the harddrive which is a disk.

The PC was given to me by a friend its about 3 years old and his company had already updated their fleet of PC’s and no longer had a use for it. So HP not including a disk isnt really an issue.

Talk to your friend, maybe he still has the CD. If not, you’re stuck with three options:

-The bad option, get an illegal WinXP CD.
-The mediocre option, but a legal WinXP CD.
-The best option, get Linux. Ubuntu is free and on a CD.

“windows\system32\config\system error - file is corrupt or missing” this comes up whenever i restart it. I doubt my friend has the CD and I can’t run linux because i need photoshop, after effects, premiere, itunes, ect. So I might try to find a ligit copy on ebay or something, thanks for the suggestions. :expressionless:

if you have the key, that is what you bought. you didnt buy the ware you bought the key.
so if you were to just download a windows torrent, you wouldnt be breaking the law.
as long as you have a legit key is what matters afaik. since you have a key getting the copy of windows shouldnt be illegal right?

thats what i did too.
have a compaq, formatted some odd persario_rp to make room for linux. week later, realized i had deleted my backups.

i have yet to download it, but it shouldnt be illegal because i paid for the copy of windows i have.
correct me if im wrong im not into pirating or anything, i think that i should be able to have the software im entitled to.

or just get a friends winxp pro and install with your key

I think this is right. You may even be able to contact Microsoft directly and have them send you a new CD set. All you need is the code on the little sticker from the bottom of the unit (or wherever.) Better, as hydravien said, is to get a platter from a buddy and install/repair from that. (Be sure to burn a copy, so you have it for later, tho…)

The system may have a restore partition, often you have to press a particular function key on startup (it would say if you had a manual) This then gives you an option to restore image (warning- over writes all your data).

Look for a long rectangular sticker, probably on the bottom of the laptop. It will say Microsoft and it will have your license number on it. If you can find this number you can legally borrow a CD to reinstall from.

microsoft will know that they sold that key to hp and then to you. they know that hp is the one you bought it from, so they may not be of much help to you.

finding a friends copy will work fine.

good luck trying to get a rip of it though with all the security things.

Since I don’t run Windows, all those disks were just toaster-food and I tossed 'em. But anytime I helped set up a Windows computer for a client, I always told 'em to buy copies of the Windows-whatever distribution. Format the drive to get rid of whatever junk the vendors/store put on there. It’s junk, and more often than not I’ve found stuff like viruses there.

Windows isn’t that expensive … %|