laptop keypad trouble

ok, i got a lil problem

all of a sudden yes today i experienced a problem with the keyboard on my laptop

outa nowhere the whole right side of the keyboard just stopped working (its a whole full keyboard)
byt the whole right side i mean the whole num pad (the 0-9 keys, plus, enter and all those) i called the service dept.for hp and the best they can come up with “give it in for service and umay get it back in maybe 2 weeks”

any ideas? i reinstalled the drivers…as i that would work… (but they told me to)

on the right hand side, you have the number pad included on your letter keys (4=u, 5=i, etc)? do the letters work in a word document?

as far as drivers, unfortunately there is not much to it and i dont think that will help… you can always start with the simple but stupid… run a (up to date) virus scan, spyware scan, see if that picks anything up. (odds are it wont)

next try you you can boot into safe mode, see if the problem fallows you there. by pressing F8 (usually) on boot up.

next possible issue coulbe how the keyboard connects internally to the laptop… maybe the addapter (usually a thin cable) is partly making contact. this should not be dealt with if your laptop is still under some warrenty.

before you send it in, if you do, back up all data because there is a good chance you wont get it back…

check out these sites

not sure if this will help

ive tried this stuff already, i ran a virus scan (nothing picked up) i can try conencting an external keyboard to see if it persists…

sounds like a chip failure (or a spilt glass of tea). External keyboard should work, but you’ll definately have to take it in. or time for a new laptop.