laptop monotor calobration

how do you calabrate the monotor of a laptop? so that my images dont look to dark :confused:

so its inposable?

could use that


nividia gforce go 7200

people on the form ceep saying my renders are to dark.

my monotor is inposable to calabrate becose the settings change in huge steps. thanks for the link;) ive got it the best i can:)

Dude, I think you should look for a spelling checker while you’re at it. I can barely read your posts.

hessiess, you should be able to calibrate the gamma settings from the driver interface for the video card. If you’re using the operating system driver you may need to go and find the manufacturers driver and install that, but with nvidia you should have the ability to adjust gamma, color, etc from within the graphic card itself using the above test pattern for a reference. I say should, as I don’t actually have an nvidia card to look at right now.

Here are a couple of examples from other hardware manufacturers:

In Windows, right click on the desktop, select properties: Settings: Advanced: and click the tab that Nvidia has placed there with regards to color correction.

Hope it helps.

i found the panal that controls the contrast and brightness. ive got the monotor as good as i can but it changes in masive steps instend of smoothly, witch makes it inposable to get purfect, its ether carnt tell the difarsnce between the colers in the black cercal or have the outer ring too bright. its too bright in the middle airia of the colers at the top of the image.

Slightly OT, but has anyone here used a Spyder to calibrate their monitor? How well do they work?


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link dosant work,

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It does now… sorry for that. =D

The HTML parser of the forum system added a “)” to the end of the link… It’s correct now.

thx, that should be faster than copying everything to word.

Yes, I calibrate my Dell 2405FPW with a Spyder and it works perfectly. (It’s not a laptop monitor ofcourse, I don’t know if you specifically wanted to know how to calibrate a laptop monitor?).

yes i wanted to know how to calibrate a laptop monitor. its ok now