Laptop or desktop?

I am trying to get a new computer but idk which one to get. Which one is best for blender?

Get a desktop. Upgradeable. More bang for buck. And CG needs lots of bang.

Could I upgrade the processed too?

I agree with MadMinstrel. The only advantage a laptop has is mobility. Personally, I don’t like working with laptops because of the weird keyboard layout.

Edit: Theoretically, You can upgrade the processor, but that’s usually not worth the hassle.

If I had the money-- I would get one of these. It is i7 processor tablet PC with Wacom capability. you can add keyboard and mouse. It is desktop power in a tablet. But for a steep price.

Desktop ofcourse. Laptops keyboards are crap to use because they almost never are standard sizes. And one good laptop price is double of even better two desktops.

that’s is noot good at all for rendering stuff. If you don’y buy a laptop with is the best mobility for 3D. By big PC

Depends on how often you upgrade. A CPU socket will generally last two generations of CPUs, sometimes three. After that you usually have to upgrade the motherboard and RAM too at the same time. Still cheaper than buying a new laptop.

Other disadvantages of laptops are lousy GPUs, poor, small, low-res screens, either slow or small hard drives, missing numpads, and the inability to take it apart and clean it when it starts running hot (and still keep your warranty).

Well, I can say from experience that a Desktop is better for customizability. Roughly 6 months after getting my current (and first) desktop, I switched out the GPU and PSU for more powerful hardware. Not to mention desktops are proportionally cheaper, when it comes to processing power and longevity.

However as others have said laptops have the advantage of mobility. And sometimes they can last a hell of a long time as well - for instance my grand-dad is using a ~15 year old IBM Thinkpad, on which I installed Windows 2000. The laptop was previously my younger brother’s, and before that it was my own first computer. Still runs great, too, relatively speaking (it’s 10-15 years old, after all)

In the end it really depends on what you’re going for and why you need to upgrade. For example if you’re doing primarily modelling, then you might be okay with a laptop, depending on the specs. I still have my 2-core Toshiba Satellite laptop and it sill runs pretty well, though I doubt it could easily handle my Audi A5 model - it had trouble with my NES console project. Granted I wasn’t doing a good job of optimizing my mesh.
I think it was also mostly because of the graphics chip the Satellite has - an Intel 965 Express :o I now have a GTX560Ti in my desktop, just for comparison’s sake.

In the end, I personally think the desktop is the better long-term choice since it’s more easily customizable, and proportionally cheaper for the specifications you get. But, it really depends on what you’re doing with Blender and what you need from your computer :slight_smile:

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Absolutely useless for 3d work (except low-poly) because it only comes with an intel video chip. Great for ZBrush and digital painting, though. Like the new Lenovo Helix:

Back to topic: unless mobility is essential to have, avoid a laptop for 3d work. Spend the saved money on a better gpu/cpu, more memory and (required in my opinion) a second monitor.

Laptop if you mostly learn/play less than a few hours daily. Mobility/Energy Friendly

Desktop if you do WORK more than 6 hours daily. Better ergonomics/performance/upgradability.